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Holloway, by contrast, is sympathetic how to hook up ilive soundbar to toshiba tv pop's appeal, and his well-rounded study compels us to take all music seriously.

The satisfactions of spiritedness, at least in their coarser forms, are easily accessible.

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Yet, the classical argument indicates that such a society cannot in the long run reliably attain even the humble goal it sets for itself: Research and analytics cookies These cookies help us understand user behavior within our services.

To understand this failing more fully, we need to develop the likely Platonic and Aristotelian diagnosis of modern popular music, modern culture and politics, and their effects on the human soul. Leisure is, in contrast, the time when we are free to enjoy the things that we choose for their own sake.

Conservative complaints about popular music focus on lyrics alone and appeal only to public decency and safety.

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For these ancients, the music itself, not the lyric, causes the stirrings of passion in the soul that show themselves in the movements of the body. Certain spirited pleasures can be added to the indulgence of the body, and this solution appears, at least initially, responsive to the longing of the soul for more than the dominant culture has to offer.

Bloom looked beyond lyrics to the music itself, but in his elitism failed to consider music's full moral influence. Critics of popular music have pointed to its often violent, misogynistic, or sexually explicit lyrics in explaining why we should worry about what plays on our iPods.

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In sum, leisure is what most people cherish most and is where they expect to find their happiness. We look with sympathy on the modern temptation—which influences liberals and conservatives alike—to dispense with the pursuit of excellence and instead to erect society on a basis apparently more reliable because more agreeable to desire: The ancients teach us that music is essential to fostering our love of those things, and hence to the preservation of civilization.

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However, the classical account provides the basis for a much more penetrating criticism of this music than its opponents today have advanced. For example, they let us know which features and sections are most popular.

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Music, Passion, and Politics Authors Files Description In the fifteen years since Tipper Gore and Frank Zappa feuded over raunchy lyrics, a furious but confused debate has raged over popular music's effect on character.

The curious exception to this political concern with music is found in the intervening Enlightenment-the source of American politics. For Plato and Aristotle, however, the crucial question is whether the things we enjoy in our leisure are truly worthy of us as rational beings and whether they are conducive to the happiness proper to such beings.

By failing to aim higher, modern conservatives ignore, and therefore do nothing to correct, the very social conditions that foster soul- and culture-deforming popular music. The contention made by Aristotle and Plato is not that music can, in so simple a fashion, cause people to act a certain way.

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They argued that such a society addresses itself only to the brute in man, and thus the soul soon begins to hunger for nourishment that it cannot provide.

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There must be more to life than this, they think. Previous ages, Holloway finds, were not as naive as our own. Liberals, swift to the defense of any self-expression, simultaneously celebrate rock's liberating ethos and deny its cultural influence.

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What he proposes-a rediscovery of the musical wisdom of Plato and Aristotle-will completely change the way we think about music. Hence the emergence of a new, more disturbing popular music, one that adds violence to sex and is dually obscene for its celebration of both unrestrained physical gratification and the joys of uncontrolled spirited self-assertion.

From the standpoint of the ancients, life under contemporary, secular liberalism—with its emphasis on material prosperity, its privatization of morality and hence its indifference to the highest human possibilities—must prove, in the end, to be less than fully satisfying.

In a new book that shatters the assumptions of pop music's critics and defenders alike, Carson Holloway shows that music is both more dangerous and more beneficial than we think.

Put another way, in their attempt to take music seriously, the conservative critics of pop music do not aim high enough.

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Even if such music causes nothing more than a passionate reverie in the mind of the listener, the classical teaching still urges us to avoid it. This information helps us design a better experience for all users. They require no refining education of the soul through orderly and graceful music.

Such a strategy will be limited in its effectiveness because it does nothing to reform the cultural and moral emptiness that provoked the emergence of vicious popular music in the first place.

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Sexual overindulgence proves in the end no more responsive to our most human desires than the timid bourgeois pleasure-seeking from which the soul recoiled in the first place.

We use this information to create a better experience for all users. After all, that sexual excess alone is not fully satisfying need not mean that it is to be dispensed with, only supplemented.