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Players are also encouraged to offer any kind of feedback regarding the function of the game and the actual mechanics. Note that a number next to a cost show how many you have to pay.

This is shown by a yellow arrow towards a card. Resonance of Thunder Dragon. Introduced in Booster Set 3: This kind of ability allows you to return 4 cards from your drop zone to your deck, look for the 'Legion Mate' Name shown in red and put it on the Vanguard Circle with the Legion Seeker.

Their play-style revolves around manipulation of the damage zone: Introduces the Legion Rare LR rarity. Slash of Silver Wolf. Introduced in Trial Deck 1: Introduced in G Trial Deck 1: During the G-Era, the hero side of the clan gains the specific keyword Burst, which grants units extra power or bonus effects if their Vanguard's power flirtish babe a certain threshold.

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During the G-Era, they gain the specific keyword Revelation, which allows the player to check the top card of their deck and then either place it back on top of their deck, or in the Soul.

During the G-Era, they gain the specific keyword Harmony, which grants a unit bonus effects when another unit is called in the same column as it, synergizing with their return-to-hand abilities to activate these effects multiple times.

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This type of ability can be used while the griekse tv zenders online dating of units face up in the G Zone or the Vanguard Circle is equal to or higher that the number stated.

A large crew of undead pirates, ghosts, vampires and zombies who sail around the seas of Cray in their ghost ships, raiding and plundering wherever they go.

Represented by the color red. Cards appearing in G Season 3, Introduces the "Revelation" keyword. A dark twist of their rival's play-style, they focus on the same mechanic of searching and calling units from the deck as Royal Paladins, but their boss units instead sacrifice their allies to fuel the costs of their powerful abilities.

Their play-style is based around strength in numbers, searching and calling allies from the deck and gaining power by controlling many rear-guards. Introduced in Trial Deck 7: A nation that is chiefly located in the seas and oceans of Cray, with its only land mass being an archipelago of small islands, and thus mainly inhabited by underwater creatures.

This is indicated by a blue rectangle with "ACT" in it. This is a list of the most common costs to pay. On January 13th, the company announced a closed beta testing phase for the officially-backed online game, and they are looking for volunteers.

Conquer Divine Spirits Strike: After foreseeing a doomed future for the Planet Cray, the CEO of Oracle Think Tank created this second conglomerate of magically-talented individuals to protect the future.

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Descent of the King of Knights. After the War of Liberation, however, they turn a new leaf, putting their ruthless battle tactics and dark sorcery in service of the United Sanctuary instead of against it. The effect is usable in the Guard Circle.

Their general play style focuses around manipulating the power of Vanguard units. Another group of ninja animals, spirits and shadow dragons, sister clan to the Nubatama, who act as the Empire's Black Ops Agency.

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As well, sometimes text will refer to the Vanguard Circle. The opposite of soul charge, you take cards from the soul and put them into the drop zone.

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Unless specified, this is always active while in the correct zone. A corporation of magically-gifted individuals that use their powers to predict the future and support their Paladin allies with information. Descent of the King of Knights, they didn't get additional support until Booster Set Some of their units also activate their effects when they're removed from the Soul.

The company has stated that they have no plans, as of now, to create versions for other operating systems. Capital, a user-created online game. This is shown by a card with a blue arrow towards more cards. A highly mysterious travelling circus who gives highly popular and mesmerizing performances all over Planet Cray, but secretly houses a guild of elite assassins who serve whomever pays for their services.

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The set is launching in Japan October 19th,and will feature support for the Gold Paladin, Angel Feather, and Neo Nectar clans, used by the three members of the idol group Ultra Rare in the Cardfight!! It's conceivable that Cecilia will follow suit.

A highly technical clan, their play-style focuses on hit-and-run tactics, with abilities that call copies of their units from the deck that return to it at the end of turn, allowing them to exert on-field pressure without wasting cards from their hand.

This also suggests that Great Nature will be an Accel clan, as thus far each nation has received at least one Gift of each type.

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They can be used when a condition is met. The game, which will be released in English, is based on the popular TCG and has you build a deck and go head-to-head with other players online. Introduced in Booster Set 2: Awakening of Twin Blades.

Other costs with be shown in text in the cost part of the effect. During the G-Era, they gain the specific keyword Shadowstitch, which activates extra effects or abilities when a unit's attack does not hit the opponent's Vanguard.

Onslaught of Dragon Souls, the clan is unique in that additional cards for it have never been released outside of Extra Booster or promotional cards, beginning with their first unique Extra Booster, Banquet of Divas. Costs[ edit ] Certain abilities have costs to pay.

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A mysterious group led by steam-empowered gear dragons who are able to travel through space and time and have taken residence in the ancient ruins of the Dark Zone. A group of dissenters and outcasts from the United Sanctuary, they are the dark counterpart and enemies of the Royal Paladins.

Represented by the color blue. The same as the way an effect with the Vanguard Circle works, except with a Rear Guard Circle instead. Awakening of the Interdimensional Dragon.

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At the end of the war, however, a splinter group, led by Alter Ego Messiah, become allies of Planet Cray. Introduced in Trial Deck Starting from G-BT11, each display contains 16 packs, with each pack containing 7 cards. Introduced in Booster Set 4: During the G-Era they gain the specific keyword Dark Device, which grants their units extra effects if all enemy units in the same column as them are at rest.

The Deletor archetype focuses around Deleting the opponent's Vanguard, which turns it face-down, robbing it of its skills and reducing its power to 0 until the end the opponent's next turn. Did you enjoy this article?

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Represented by the color gray. In the G-Era, the Deletor archetype also gains the Vanish Delete ability, permanently binding face-down cards from the opponent's drop-zone; their boss unit, Original Deletor, Eigorg, can outright win the game if the opponent has enough face-down bound cards.

Unless specified, these are only played in the main phase, but can be used as many times as you can pay the cost, unless otherwise stated. Cards appearing in season 2.