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Use the GitHub links on this page to get the code. If we want to provide the specific constraint rules in one error message, Yii Validators allow you to customize the error shown to the user, like this: Here's what it looks like in action: One of the benefits of Gii is that it will write the appropriate validation rules for your models based on the SQL type definitions in the schema.

How to Program With Yii2: Here's an example of this in action: For this example, I want to make sure that user input for rank is greater than zero but less than or equal to Therefore, I've added an attribute to the model for it, e.

Ensures a value is within a list of values.

What Is a Validator?

There can be a bazillion Starbucks. Just a reminder, I do participate in the comment threads below. Here's a look at the model code's rule definitions: However, we do not want anyone entering the same Starbucks location twice.

Performs validation against a condition defined by a regular expression. To do this, we use the targetClass which tells Yii which Class or Model table to look up the user's email address in for validation.

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In other words, duplicate places names are okay. This is a big time saver. I reviewed SluggableBehavior earlier in this serieswhich offers its own built-in uniqueness support. Here's a list of the built-in Yii validators and links to documentation that we're going to explore: Specifically, we're going to explore some of the built-in specialty validations that are common to web development.

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But, if you need some custom extensions, that's straightforward as well. Implementing this is quite simple with the addition of the message attribute: The image attribute accepts the uploaded file: Validators simplify the code needed to validate input, i.

This means they must end with either! Building validators in PHP by hand takes time. You can learn more about the Exist validation and its permutations here. If you're a web developer, you likely know that user input can't be trusted.

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It's quite simple to create rules for our new email and URL fields: We're essentially preventing duplicate Google Place IDs. I'm especially interested if you have additional ideas or want to suggest topics for future tutorials. These are obviously highly useful for web applications.

Ensures existence of an uploaded file. Here's the view code for the form.

Class yii\captcha\Captcha

Validates image and image properties. Starbucks coffee is not an effective stimulant for software developers. Compares two values from the form or a constant, e. The Yii Framework provides a ton of baseline validation features so there's no need to build them from scratch.

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Now, let's begin looking at the next set of Yii2's built-in validators. You may want to go back to our last episode to read more on Yii2's basic type validations. For our example, let's add the field for censorship back into the form: