BuzzFeed on Instagram: “every. single. time.” BuzzFeed on Instagram: “every. single. time.”

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Clearly, the target audience for her pieces are those who want to read about celebrity and gossip—which are available in ample supply elsewhere on BuzzFeed—but feel superior to both while doing so.

Sevigny's It-ness manifested a particular sort of abrasive, even erudite hipness.

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I become more skeptical about Petersen's credibility when she reaches further back into history to defend her shapeshifting thesis. His past articles have included an illustrated submarine ride into racism and what he thinks about when he prays.

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It's a play on the term, but it fostered a connotation of uniqueness, even brashness, that clings to contemporary uses of the phrase. Founder Jonah Peretti and editor-in-chief Ben Smith eagerly confess that the site was originally a distribution plant for shareable crap, no matter how meaningless or parasitic said crap might have been.

Sicardi's work far surpasses her colleague's in terms of thoughtfulness, voice, and general contribution to the canon of internet posts. If there were other options—a button that says "stop mansplaining to me," for example—BuzzFeed might find the reaction to its pieces quite different.

Literally hundreds of millions of women and gender-nonconforming men buzzfeed single woman better qualified to explain the politics of makeup than Isaac Fitzgerald.

They were what the new, improved BuzzFeed is proud of, and they were not good. Chloe Sevigny, inwas a dumb scenester teenager from Darien, and McInerney masterfully placed her in the cultural context of the time.

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BuzzFeed doesn't seem to want to wait for the kind of success that would come with developing, nurturing and promoting smarter content, even if it's at the expense of pageviews—or reputation. Pike's beauty here is the real draw.

Petersen's reading is worrisomely wide-eyed for a critic of celebrity culture. More importantly, perhaps, prestige does not necessarily guarantee quality. In a former life, Petersen was a professor, and her writing does not belie this fact: Christian and Jew Marriage, reasons to date an electrician frum girl arrested at wedding.

Instead, it ends up pandering to its locked-in audience, appearing to tackle thorny topics and securing the prestige that accompanies that appearance. It was posted to the site an hour after Isaac Fitzgerald's piece, also in the site's Style section.

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You can't fake quality—take it from us; we've tried—but prestige is essentially all fake: And you need someone on the map to put you on the map. Jewish Singles Events New York!

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It put Sevigny on the map; it made her a low-grade celebrity at the age of 19 mind you, McInerney was already on the map. She is doing a much better job than Gawker at this, and Buzzfeed is a better outlet for it—one that, at its best, genuinely reflects and engages with the web's many different communities.

Petersen should know better.

They are popular, and give off the outward appearance of quality. It is a competitor of Gawker, though it dwarfs us in its size and reach, and we take interest in reporting on its foibles and successes.

I will discuss them here. If the friend nods, Mr. This is new for me. But including Thompson on her list is just wrong.

It is my own self-interest. Every now and then some Bible verses pop up on BuzzFeed. Anyone who reads the New York Times' op-ed columnists knows this.

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Take a Wikipedia article and give it the ambition of an academic treatise. But they certainly don't fit into the site's own narrative of soaring journalistic content. An investment in quality to offset the growing inanity of the content that increases its audience size. But more offensive to my sensibilities than, say, an article on penis and vagina monsters is Christian content on an otherwise secular website.