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Gameplay-wise, the survival horror elements of BioShock are back in force versus the fast-paced gunplay of the main campaign.

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Go Out with a Smile: When Booker walks by a German shopkeeper, they're addressed as "Herr Kraut". Towards the end "Booker" has flashes of his face being nic bank nairobi online dating to a bowl full of water, a first-person view of how actual Booker killed Comstock in Infinite Prime.

In Episode Two, certain parts of the environment affect Elizabeth's stealth. This is implied to be her subconscious using symbolism to foretell the events near the end, when Atlas tries to get Elizabeth to reveal the location of the "Ace in the Hole" by threatening her, then Sally, with a trans-orbital lobotomy.

Elizabeth (Burial at Sea)

The fact that this Booker still regards his service as something to be proudly displayed is a tip that he's not the protagonist we're familiar with. The Paris sequence in the beginning of Episode Two is described as this by Elizabeth; it's not Paris as it is, but rather as she always imagined it would be.

On the PS3, the game may crash with a black screen if the closing credits are interrupted. This makes sense, as Ryan is hyper-competent and rich enough to either only hire Splicers that are still largely sane, or to keep his Splicers supplied with sufficient Adam to stave off the worse aspects of mental degeneration.

Elizabeth From Burial At Sea

The crossbow tranq darts drop whoever they hit instantly. Ryan's stormtroopers are clearly Splicers, but other than the facial deformation they talk and behave like perfectly sane if rather ruthless police officers.

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The fact that Elizabeth isn't familiar at all with Rapture. Finally, we get to see Suchong's death in all its karmic glory.

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Find the mod on the landing halfway up the stairs to the second floor. Because Booker cannot pick up a weapon that he's already carrying, many players mistakenly thought there was a bug where you could not pick up a weapon you had dropped.

Also, the whole dance scene.

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It's because Booker, or rather Comstock, has been to Columbia. Booker lights Elizabeth's cigarette with this. Elizabeth is extremely cold and even downright rude to this version of Booker, even refusing to call him by his first name.

She needs to kill this version of Comstock, and finish the job that she and Booker started in the finale of BioShock Infinite, in order for the both of them to live a normal life.

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Check out all the locations below. The entirety of the two episodes show how Rapture ended up being the messed up dystopia we see in the original game.

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Implied; Booker knows Suchong didn't take Sally because he had the man strapped to a chair for fifteen hours. It turns out to be an early indicator that he's really Comstock, whose health was compromised due to his heavy usage of the Lutece machine.

In this game, Andrew Ryan attempts to press her into his employment and Atlas tortures her to get her to give him the location of the Ace in the Hole.

Old Man Winter Plasmid Mods: Episode Two takes this one step further and is essentially a stealth game. She knows that Atlas cannot be trusted and Andrew Ryan even tells her as much in an attempt to get her on his side. She may possibly need to help Sally as well, although by the time you reach the end of Episode One, it's clear she has yet another motive: In terms of art direction, the aforementioned shift from a Two Fisted Tales to Film Noirthough the Noir elements get mostly dropped once they reach the department store.

The conversation the Luteces have with Daisy Fitzroy when Elizabeth is eavesdropping on them also applies to Elizabeth's final act.

One of the running themes in Episode Two.

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Take a look around "Mr. While invisible, any sound she makes is also muffled, though attacking will break it. Fortunately, you can buy more at the vending machines and you don't need to open every lock. Ultimately she causes the events of the first game and the downfall of Ryan and Fontaine.

Strangely, the video covers the events of the original Bioshock, and not episode 1. Daisy pretended to be a psycho to goad Elizabeth into killing her because Elizabeth needed to have blood on her hands to be strong enough to kill Comstock. However, Elizabeth refuses to leave Sally behind and even sacrifices her powers and strands herself in that dimension to protect her which is even lampshaded by the Luteces and "Booker" himself how foolhardy this is.

Go Look at the Distraction: She might have known that would happenthough. The weapons are restricted to the strongest: Old Ironsides Plasmid Mods: Doubly so when we learn he's actually a version of Comstock and how events happened in his version of history.

This easily reflects Comstock's extreme hatred of foreigners. But in the end, she dies having set in motion the events that would bring Jack to Rapture and set Sally free, a destiny that she decided for herself.

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Though you might not realize it right off the bat. There is also a Gun Automaton from Columbia that can be summoned into the Bistro. Annoying, but not game breaking, unless it's combined with a somewhat rarer bug that stops the game from autosaving forcing a complete restart.

Booker's "AD" is apparently tattooed on, as opposed to a self-inflicted scar, and noticeably more fancy. Walking through glass shards creates noise which pretty much every Splicer nearby will hear while walking in water makes splashing sounds and ripples which will alert enemies nearby.

Elizabeth clearly matured in other ways by the time Burial at Sea takes place. You'd think that getting killed and having their quantum signatures smashed across probability space would disable their biological clocks.