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Because of these preferential qualities, Bulugh Al-Maram has been accepted widely and is among the most sought-after books of Ahadith. Peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and all his companions, who have dedicated their lives to the service of the religion of his Lord, and all who followed them by and inherited from their knowledge.

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I have done everything possible to ensure that this book has become useful both for beginning students as well as for Islam experts. If any of materials on this site violates your rights, report us Screenshots of Bulugh al-Maram Hadith Description of Bulugh al-Maram Hadith Bulugh al-Maram is the shortened name of the collection of hadith by al-Hafidh ibn Hajar al-Asqalani entitled, Bulugh al-Maram min Adillat al- Ahkam translation: And let our deeds will help us to win good in thy sight!

It contains a total of hadiths. One more distinctive feature, along with others, is that the versions have also been shortened to present just the main purpose of the Hadith according to its classification under the chapter.

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We provide only original apk files. The application has been completed and a new chapter will be replenished in the update, John Shaa Allah.

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This book I have called "Bulugh al-Maram min Adillat al-Ahkam" "The achievement of the desired arguments on the statute". After each hadith I have the names of theologians, these sayings are in whose collections, and I hope that it will benefit the Muslims. This small work is dedicated to Hadith, to which Islamic law is based.

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Among the topic that this book covers are subjects ranging from marriage, business transactions to other more implicit aspect of the religion such as the five pillars.

Bulugh al-Maram holds a unique distinction in that all the hadith compiled in the book have been the sources for fiqh Islamic Jurisprudence rulings.

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Indeed, knowledge of the owners are the heirs of the prophets. O Allah, let our knowledge will not be a burden to us!

Each of the hadith, I subjected to scrutiny, so that everyone who memorized them by heart, different from the others by their deep knowledge. Attainment of the Objective According to Evidences of the Ordinances.

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It's easy and warranty. Beautiful are the ones who have left such a legacy, and beautiful heirs!