The 15 surprising hacks you can do with clear nail polish | Daily Mail Online The 15 surprising hacks you can do with clear nail polish | Daily Mail Online

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Blue polka dots are also used to accentuate the French tip while bows with rhinestones in the middle are added on top. Simple and clean looking bow nail art design. You can even add polka dots on your bow designs to make it stand out even more.

Turn your nails into electric blue with this bow themed nail art. Adding the bow is simply a great idea to accentuate the nails as well as to give more life to the nail art.

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Make sure that your base coat is dry before adding the next layer. Black and yellow bow nail art design.

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This can be in any color, but most would choose neutral colors such as white. Glitter and bow nail art. Very pretty white and pink bow nail art. Using cream and black polish you can recreate cute bows and polka dots on your nails.

The 15 surprising hacks you can do with clear nail polish

Well, fear no more because below are some tips on how you can get your nails achieving that bow-tastic design you have always wanted. Cute pastel colored bow French tips. Stand out with your green glitter polish and place a cute pink bow on top for a wonderful accent.

If you prefer the classic, you can always go for an all black matte nail art and bow on top.

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Nude polish with silver bow on top. Who says you can never have too much of everything? You can also add your own creativity to the nail art such as using stripes or plaid design instead of polka dots. Give your French tips the attention they deserve by adding cute colorful bows on top.

Nails to Make Those Envy!

Beautiful animal print bow nail art design. Put them together and you have this amazing ensemble. At the first sign of a hole, coat the unravelling fabric with a thin layer of nail polish, and repeat again once dry. Hot pink French tips and bow nail art. Cute looking green polka dot and bow inspired nail art.

55 Bow Nail Art Ideas

Black and white will never get old; you can always add red linings to match the colors and elegant rhinestones for the bows. A layer of clear nail polish can not only make thread easier to pass through the eye of a needle leftbut can also waterproof labels right Bow nail art in thistle pink.

Instead of licking foul-tasting envelopes, using a dab of nail polish can make for an even more secure seal 8. If you want to go classic then there is no turning back.

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Baby blue and white with bow nail art. Be dazzling enough to sport this gold glitter and bow polish on your nails.

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Black, red and white polka dot French tip with a red bow. Even though it would not look as good as planned in the first try, all you have to do is just to try and try again.

Bow Nail Polish - NeoNation Collection ~ More Nail Polish

Check out this amazing stripe and polka dot bow nail art that looks simply astounding. Pour a small amount of nail polish unto a flat surface and with your dotting tool or toothpick, add the dots to your nails in order. White bow and pink French tip nail art.