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Now you need to kill him. After you get the 5 flowers you need to get some food.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – The Cold Shoulder

Place the pizza and the flowers in the marked location and prepare for battle. You will find an old Pizza Truck that crashed into the area. After that Shorty will spawn. Two are on the ground while the remaining pieces are stuck above.

The market is a place where you can purchase SDU upgrades. He yelled so I looked back and kill him.

Optional Missions

By now, you should at least know which weapons are the best to fight off all the enemies. Donkey Mong has only one single spawn point, however, he spawns very rarely.

Head over to the way point to find a pizza van. Following the flowers, the next waypoint marks five pizza slices scattered around the wreckage of a Moxxi's Pizza delivery van.

Then you complete the quest.

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As we stand on the bridge, if we look to the left, we will see the words Keep Clear written vertically west side of the region.

One of the slices is sitting atop a piece of rubble that can only be reached by dropping down from the broken highway above.

Rats of various types, and a few rakkpatrol the area where the magazines are hidden. Below is a list of all the items for sale. You will see an invisible one that looks like he is of the lightning element. At this point Laney White and her 7 Midgets come out at you. Here you need to find 5 flowers.

Either way, after doing so; a whole new army of reinforcements will storm through the door.

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They stand out in the snow and have red stalks. Defeat her and return to Scooter [1] for your prize. Thankfully midgets come so they will help you beat the quest. Head to the next way point and drop down the the area with the cystalisks.

Borderlands 2: Find Girly Magazines

To buy any of the SDU's you'll first need some Eridium which can be found via loot drops, treasure chests or completing missions. He also ask you to look out for Girl magazines while you are on your way in. If we fall down before eliminating those that are closer to our objective, we need to hide as much as possible when they launch their Slag attacks.

The other one is across a little gap from the van. There's one inside a wrecked van, another on top of a wooden box near the 'Supplies' signboard and the last one on a wooden box overlooking the bridge to the left.

Run or fight over to the next way point and you have to kill the stalker. First things first, you'll need someone on your friends list who is playing the game and willing to join your game or you joining theirs. Defeat him to loot his treasure chest.

This guide will help you find them all and beat them in no time! Go to the next marked area Icemaw Grotto and take out some rakks and crystalisks. I dropped so quick and out of no where. After that I pulled out my rocket launcher and kill her in a shot. Because of this, we need to kill them using a rocket launcher or a high damage weapon.

Follow the map marker to a lever and pull it. Now have either yourself or your teammate walk up to each other and you'll then be prompted to press and hold E to revive. With that in mind, just blast away at Laney or the midgets, whichever presents the better target. Apparently his girlfriend has been brainwashing into becoming a Cannibalistic Rat.

But for this achievement, you don't want to do that. The Fridge Side Quests Borderlands: They can be found at the shore all around the lake, so you shouldn't have problems locating them.

The Cold Shoulder

If you manage to kill an enemy before the new health bar is depleted, you'll be brought back to life and get your "Second Wind". Once you have those turn to the Southeast on the truck. Once done, you can check the new opened area to discover the Rat Maze. Head to the last way point and be ready for a fight.

People playing as Axton should avoid using the Sentry Turret since that action skill will more than likely kill the loaders you are only trying to injure.