Jay's Wargaming Madness: Bolt Action Modern - Version (Rules & Army Lists) Jay's Wargaming Madness: Bolt Action Modern - Version (Rules & Army Lists)

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Germany now has a second wind, Soviets leave the allies, and war continues.

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At the end of a week I had completed enough models to be able to run a very competitive point list. As there is no spread for most template weapons only being a thing for Smoke Shellsit's entirely up to the attacker as to where the template will be placed.

My aim was to debut this list at the upcoming Melbourne based event: Then to my surprise in verified safe dating network mission like Point Defence, the Kaukopartio proved to be a bit of a lame duck.

This is pretty good and often comes out as a better deal than the generic army boxes you also get a free tank. The story is that the it turns out that dropping a nuke opens something called the "Rift".

Armies of Great Britain: Most players prefer to base their armies around infantry and supporting artillery, to have a more tactical feel that the otherwise "arcade" gameplay lacks.

Bolt Action Finnish Army (progress) - Album on Imgur

If they fail, they simply go down. What I was able to accomplish with the Finns I could easily accomplish with either the Americans or the British and without having to sink a massive amount of points into units like the Kaukopartio which let's face it are too good to leave out.

The core mechanic of Bolt Action is the command dice system. The third mechanic, which works with the orders above, is pinning.

Bolt Action: Armies of Italy and the Axis

The unit loses more pins. Every unit hits on a d6 roll of a 3 or more, but plenty of modifiers apply, including distance, their movement, how much cover the enemy unit is in, and pin markers. I personally don't like the Unreliable rules. I garnered 2 wins and a draw, and found that the Finnish army list suits my hyper aggressive bolt action finnish army rules for dating of play.

All the dice are put in a bag and are drawn out. If a unit hits, they give a pin marker to the enemy, then roll damage. Each player has a number of command dice equal to the number of units they have, each player having a different color.

Were either of these two tanks available I'd happily look at those for alternate options to the BT and StuG. Especially noted with Japanese, whom can produce multiple Fanatic infantry squads armed with nothing more than bamboo sticks who ignore pins and are extremely difficult to defeat in close combat close combat in this game entirely wipes out the loser, but Fanatics count losses as ties, so they merely repeat combat and grind down the enemyand dominate the battlefield entirely with them.

Whilst at Cancon recently I also dropped by to see the chaps at War and Peace Games and picked up some additional support options, as well as some Rubicon kits to supplement what I already had.

This tactic then allows me to force my Sissi recon squad and my Jaakari up the board to apply more pressure.

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Armies of France and the Allies: I feel that the Finns are at a significant advantage in Demolition. Armies[ edit ] Warlord have produced a variety of books, allowing players to represent most fighting forces which took part in World War II.

The basic order, a unit can move 6" and shoot. These are generally enough to start an army, but Warlord also has a "Build an Army" system which allows you to pick from a variety options for a set price.

The player whose die is drawn gets to perform one of six orders, which are shown on each of the facings on the d6: Plenty of cheap troops and even a free squad through their special rule, the Soviets also have access to excellent artillery and tanks.

With all this goodness on my table and my motivation fresh and alive after Cancon, I set about painting in a possessed fervour. With generally good vehicles, with some gaps, the Tommies put up a good show with a large variety of troops representing men from all over the Commonwealth.

Veterans, regulars, and inexperienced troops have a morale level of 10, 9, and 8 respectively and the order test works exactly like a Leadership test in 40K and Fantasy: This causes their morale to change significantly depending on if they're winning or losing- that is, they become braver if they happen to be winning, and they puss out if they happen to be losing.

The German models have recently been updated as the new Warlord Grenadiers which are much better sculpts than the originals. Incidentally, Vehicle Flamethrower is also superior to Infantry-packed version, due to range from which unit deletion could be initiated. Each book allows both generic platoons which consist of a basic structure, with any unit or vehicle allowed or "Theater Selector" platoons, which have more restrictions but also some bonuses; for example, most German theater selectors allow two MMG teams, as opposed to the single team that the generic platoon allows.

A bit of an oddball faction, a good player can make them a powerhouse leading to the simple axiom: These can be painted as Waffen-SS and have a lot of options, as do the Americans.

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These Theater Selectors allow players to represent a very specific time period or battle during the war. The army list is fun, the rules are incredible and they are a force that'll allow you a scope of play that hasn't been seen in the game yet. I played a game recently using a tank with Unreliable and found it to be a wholly frustrating affair.

Konflikt 47[ edit ] Technically not an expansion, but not a separate game, Konflikt 47 is the idea that World War 2 kept going and started to get weird.

Bolt Action Finnish Army (progress)

Netherlands, but with some more weapon upgrades available for their infantry. Finnish snipers are massively OP auto hitting when your target moves to within 18" whilst you're on ambush and in future events, based on my opponents list, that might be a rule I simply forget about and roll to hit like a normal person.

At Cleanslate, the list did as expected. Armies of the United States: To all those who might be on the fence with the Finns, I say jump in. The Yanks also get a variety of light and medium vehicles to choose from, but with very few heavy tanks. My curiosity regarding the Finns was initially peaked when I noticed that despite them having a great army list, my local scene was devoid of players actively running the Finns.

Before the rift was fully understood, the US dropped a nuke on Germany and formed another Rift.