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Boardwalk empire 2 temporada legendado online dating, featured article

Then we have a third show to join the Sopranos and the Wire.

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And the fact that HBO renewed the show chelsea staub i joe jonas dating a second season two days after it's premiere says something. Still "Boardwalk Empire" does all of this in such a classic way that's exciting and exhilarating as it's dazzling make it a must see for yourself and toast up and drink up to this it should last a little bit.

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Best Pilot I've Ever Seen! Steve Buscemi definitely deserves an Emmy for his portrayal of "Nucky. As Jimmy's the great wild card of the series a hot headed war war I vet who couldn't be tamed at home by his sexy wife Angela Aleksa Palladino as this boy is just a little complex from having a showgirl for a mom Gillian Gretchen Mol.

Dealing with the real life Nucky Johnson, yet the series changes the name to Nucky Thompson played brilliant by veteran Steve Buscemi who is A.

See Full Comment HBO has once again done it, they are simply the best at putting out provocative, and compelling interesting original series and this time period piece drama "Boardwalk Empire" is clearly a big knockout winner.

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This is by far the best pilot I've ever seen. Scorsese established for the show is a joy to watch and hopefully the other directors will be able to emulate it, but I guess since we have Tim Van Patten, Allen Coulter and Alan Taylor directing most of the episodes, we're safe!

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It's such a historical drama that it's educational really as it shows with it's central character Nucky Thompson life is complex and always temptation will override playing by the book as easy money is the way to live, still when dealing with money, booze, and sex it's tough and violent.

As long before the days of slot machines, Donald Trump, Chinese massage places, street walking hookers, and rundown buildings this period piece shows the real and early days of Atlantic City.

It's about time Steve Buscemi got a leading role, a fine actor and a show stealer, and he's nothing short of great here, with a great supporting show to carry the show with him. As he skates in the business of battling rivals while trying to impress Nucky with scores and he even brushes in business for Nucky in Chicago and New York as this series even shows the early start of legends Al Capone and Lucky Luciano.

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From the first episode, Boardwalk Empire shows a great promise. Set in 's Atlantic City, NJ when Prohibition has just gone into effect this series shows how the city's kings became outlaws.

Still Nucky has a soft heart for people in need especially for that of a local lady Margaret Schroeder played wonderful by Kelly MacDonald who captures Nucky's fancy with her loving care, a big difference from the hot steamy passion that Nucky has with hot spirited flame Lucy Paz De la Huerta.

It's filled with enough drama, intrigue, suspense and complex emotions to make a viewer hooked and addicted to me it's like an early version of "The Sopranos" as producer and creator Terence Winter does a crafty and great job with this new work just the way he did when he wrote for "The Sopranos".

Boardwalk Empire

Aside from that a good supporting turn for the series and Nucky is that of hot young buck sidekick and want to be leader Jimmy Darmody Michael Pitt who's an aggressive loose cannon kick butt kind of guy.

A bit lame really. And with any early mob drama it's only fitting to have a good guy trying to sort out the mess and bring corruption down well enter federal agent Nelson Van Alden played with toughness and zeal from Michael Shannon an intense by the book lawman who's determined as it's always interesting to watch him follow Nucky's dealings and travels.

Impeccably directed; pure Scorsese, brilliantly written, perfectly casted, amazingly acted and just visually stunning!

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A New Milestone for TV? If the show continues like the pilot, and keeps using great soundtracks like the ones Mr. He's a good politician standing for what he believes in, still he's quickly amoral by doing favors and bribes overseeing criminal enterprises and money from booze that's imported with the help of his brother the sheriff.

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Scorsese used for the pilot.