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But this movie treats Danny like a joke surrounded by phoned-in caricatures. See the predictable lowlife she's been matched up with! James Keane, the director, happened to be there with his wife, Jane Seymour who is in the movie.

See Danny's first date turn into a complete basket case the minute she finds out he's blind! See Danny's therapist taking off her clothes because she finds him attractive and he can't see her!

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Hated hated hated hated hated this movie. And then I expanded "friends" to include "everyone I could possibly think of". To think James Keane said he was really proud of this movie.

There's probably a good movie out there about the social awkwardness that can result from being blind, but this is absolutely not it.

Blind Dating

See Danny get tricked into picking up dog poop because his brother tells him it's candy! Well, since I absolutely hated it, I figured I'd do the same.

This is the first movie I've seen in forever that made me think of Roger Ebert's famous review of "North" as a comparison. See Danny slip and fall on a toy! But she's Indian, and therefore her family has an arranged marriage set up for her.

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See the Asian man taking lots of pictures and asking Larry to take one of him with his hooker! Because apparently you have to be someone who works with blind people to ever fall in love with one.

Sign in to vote. See Leeza fighting her mother for the right to marry whoever she wants!

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See Danny walk right smack into a door! Leeza, a receptionist at a doctor's office for blind patients, takes a liking to Danny. See his brother faking bench-pressing reps at the gym because he can't see the weights! At the beginning of the movie, we find out that Danny is 22, he's been blind all his life, and he's looking for love.

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See Danny's man-eating second date chase him into a bathroom stall! You know the one - "I hated this movie.

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And this leads to an appalling stereotype. I guess it was trying to be like "The Year-Old Virgin", which I really enjoyed, but there's a huge difference between that movie and this one.

Was this review helpful? That's about where the fun stops because from this point on he becomes a vehicle for cheap jokes and stereotypes.

My Blind Date with Life

He said it's being released in May and if you like it, tell your friends. By the way, Larry runs a limo service and he rents it out to prostitutes and their johns when he isn't busy. See Danny run down a hill and smack into a tree! His slimy brother, Larry played by Eddie Kaye Thomas, who apparently watched a lot of Mickey Rourke movies to prepare for the rolejust wants him to get laid and sets him up with a string of predictably awful dates.