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Prenatal Testing: Ultrasound Safety and Accuracy

You could be at higher risk because of health conditions, such as diabetes or preeclampsia. In this technique, an ultrasound probe is put into the vagina to capture the images.

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However, it's not always clear that the test improves pregnancy outcomes. In addition, if your health care provider finds that you have a low amount of amniotic fluid, you'll need further testing and might need to deliver your baby early — regardless of your overall score.

Results of this portion of the test nonstress test are interpreted as reactive or nonreactive. In these patients, the purpose of the BPP is to avoid the maternal morbidity resulting from failed induction followed by cesarean delivery.

Nonstress Test (NST)

I discussed this with Dr. These recommendations apply to routine screening ultrasonography and not to diagnostic ultrasonography for specific clinical indications e.

I called the doctor's office Conversely, women who desire routine ultrasound should rest assured that they will almost certainly be able to indulge this wish as well, and in all likelihood the risks from doing these ultrasounds will not be large.

The goal of a biophysical profile is to prevent pregnancy loss and detect a low oxygen supply in the baby fetal hypoxia early enough so that the baby can be delivered and not sustain permanent damage.

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Ultrasound for Detecting Ectopic Pregnancy This is one case where an ultrasound is unquestionably a valuable diagnostic tool. Both American Baby magazine and the Wall Street Journal have done articles on the lack of training of many ultrasound techs and docs and the problems this can cause.

Ultrasound Scans During Pregnancy – Know All Details including Cost

Click on the links below to make your booking online at a lab of your choice or give us a call on The amount of amniotic fluid surrounding your baby. Screening Ultrasonography in Pregnancy.

What does matter is that terminating my pregnancy was given as an option to me and I was given no hope that there was the possibility of another outcome. If a woman is determined to have one of these, she should probably use only very infrequently, just in case.

Caveat Emptor; take these opinions with a grain of salt and remember that NO medical advice is implied. In the s, her findings were duplicated by other scientists, and the use of prenatal X-rays largely ended although they are still used to a small extent even today.

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Results Each area that's evaluated during a biophysical profile is given a score of 0 or 2 points, depending on whether specific criteria were met. T replied that if it would make me feel better, then we would get one scheduled.

This may be particularly true if a woman has had prior cesareans. Neither does it mean that ultrasound is not safe or should never be used.

Test Overview

You'll lie on your back and a technician will hold the ultrasound wand against your belly. At this time ACOG American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and a National Institute of Health consensus development conference recommend ultrasound only for a specific medical indication; they do not recommend the routine use of ultrasound screening during pregnancy.

Most doctors and researchers assume that because past ultrasound technology used in a limited way seems relatively safe, that means all ultrasound technology must be safe, no matter what type it is, how it is used, when it is used, and how often or long it is used.

Checking other pelvic organs. There is nothing wrong with this; it is a reasonable use of technology, if only for the mother's peace of mind.

What is a biophysical profile (BPP)?

However, questions do remain about ultrasound safety. A BPP can be done in your doctor's office, hospital, or clinic.

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You may watch the monitor to see the picture of the fetus during the test. Some excellent discussion and analysis of the various studies discussing ultrasound safety www. Your baby's heart rate is recorded and compared to the record of movement or your contractions.

You may also have it if your due date has zoomed by.

Why it's done

Most OBs of that time period would have said that prenatal X-rays were perfectly safe. This certainly should be mandatory everywhere, but obviously it is not.

Other women feel they need to know immediately and so prefer doing an ultrasound.