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That's the number one fastest way to make your man feel burned out, is by trying to manage his schedule for him and make sure he spends every waking moment doing shit with you.

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You open the hood and everything is right there. Don't make your bill burr advice dating have to hide out in the bathroom and pretend to be taking a shit just to get some alone time.

Cant have sex if u re fucking dead from not eating right.

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Ladies, you ever hear that expression "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach"? Bring me a sandwich or a beer once in a while without bitching about it and I'll love you forever.

They said the last stove that they used was an easy bake oven. My ex brought me a sandwich out of the blue once and all the sex in the world cant come close to that emotion.

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Too many women that I asked out put me on the spot about cooking, but when I asked them. But we just want a fucking sandwich.

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You'll be suprised at how happy you'l be. Seriously, men are simple as fuck.

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As a Laydee I can put this to good use! In fact, the more elaborate and difficult things make us feel pressure, at least they do for me.

We don't go through life by just sitting around feeling emotions for no reason, we fucking take action, or if there's no action to take, we ignore it completely.

I stole that shit, from a phyco.

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So fuck off, and prove me wrong. And don't whine about a problem in your life unless you want to hear solutions.

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You don't have to stroke his ego, just don't emasculate him with things like Saturday morning brunch followed by flea market shopping all the time like your friend so and so does to her boyfriend. And if a situation can't be changed, then they don't want to hear about it.

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Also, don't try to monopolize your man's time. We're so simple it bothers you! Sex is sex, feeding is more important. Which is fine, it feels good to do that. A batch of cookies is always a great place to start.

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Women tone down the feminism and be willing to be a helper to your mate and let men be themselves. I wish you were my brother.

We don't know how to wallow in misery with you, you need to vent your frustrations with your other female friends, not expect a guy to understand that you just need to complain for an hour but you don't want to talk about how to solve the fucking problem because that takes away from your need to whine and cry.

You want your man to commit? Not so much that she'll cook for me, it's just that she developed the basic survival skill. I, too, felt like a king!

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That'll nurture him into whatever he wants to become. FUCK this shit I am buying a box of hot guys with no shirts. Guys love just simple gestures. Let him feel like a man, and he will be on one knee begging you to marry him.

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Whereas guys have to remember to go the extra distance once in a while, and do something "special". In the early days of our relationship, my wife made me some scotcharoos.

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It's just in our hardwiring. Don't try to monopolize his attention to the point that you hate anything and everything he enjoys because it makes you feel left out.

Its basically THE best place to hook up.