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I think Jean-Louis is the actor who taught me how to direct actors. The Cologne version also featured grapefruit, orange, neroli and white musk. When he did, she accepted without reading the script. So, what magic did the Guerlain machinery create this time?

Officially presented as a joint creation between Thierry Wasser and Delphine Jelk, with this launch Guerlain deviates from its usual policy of only mentioning Thierry Wasser as the creator.

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I think the relationship between a director and actor is the same relationship as in a love story between two people. When they started pouring in benzaldehyde, the aroma chemical that gives the bitter almond note, he was "completely intoxicated".

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In his review in The New York Times, Bosley Crowther wrote, "For a first-rate demonstration of the artfulness of a cameraman and the skill at putting together handsome pictures and a strongly sentimental musical score, there is nothing around any better than Claude Lelouch's A Man and a Woman.

Perfume aficionados, on the other hand, generally don't find them tasteful, and we guess most had hoped that Guerlain would never venture into this genre. This sparked his creativity which led to the story and script which he co-wrote with Pierre Uytterhoeven within a month.

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Not surprisingly, the concept has been copied and interpreted by most perfume brands, as in Bleu de Chanel monochrome woodyBang by Marc Jacobs peppery woody1 Million bien flirter avec un homme ideal Dominican dating tours Rabanne fruity-sweet woodyand Invictus macho woodyalso by Paco Rabanne.

The upper rim encircled the double-G logo with an echo of the bottle's glass facets. There's another talent, though, that is just as important as the first, namely to pick up a popular trend and give it the Guerlain treatment.

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The matte black cap of the bottle was solid and stately, decorated with a silver ring and a guilloche-like pattern on the lower periphery.

This grapefruit was zesty and pulpy, its bitterness tempered by the sugar of rose and praline, its coldness contrasted with the heat of pink pepper. What ultimately makes the scent attractive, is the preservation of the original almond-neroli accord, which quite frankly is delicious, together with a wonderfully refreshing vetiver that brings to mind Guerlain Homme.

Although early disagreements and the low-budget skeleton crew caused initial tension between the director and actress, they quickly resolved their differences and the two went on to become close friends. This scent of bitter almond hitting lavender inspired him. And he cannot be good if he or she does not love you in turn.


The label's frame was repeated on all four outer sides of the bottle, painted a matte black. Instead we find a sweeter and gentler mandarin top note. The bottle itself was an aesthetic triumph, to which the ad visual didn't do enough justice. Then, in full contrast, comes what Guerlain touts as completely new in a masculine perfume: One cannot direct an actor if you do not love him or her.

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As was his habit during troubling times, he went for a long drive and ended up on the shore at Deauville at 2: While the gorgeous crunchiness of the signature almond-leather-bergamot accord is still there in the top, the rest of the fragrance takes a whole new direction.

The recapitulation years Guerlain wants to be known as the brand that brought several groundbreaking ideas to 20th century perfumery: The label was white with a handsome black font and frame. Shortly into the fragrance however, we sensed the aromatic-citrus accord that we associate with Guerlain, a camphoric rosemary together with bergamot and the essential oil of orange blossom a.

Combined with tonka bean and vanilla, Guerlain called it an "amaretto" accord, but it didn't come across as overly liqueur-like or gourmand, more like a crunchy praline streak moving in and out of focus as the fragrance developed.

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The downside of the change is that it eliminates the vibrancy and contrast that made the EdT so addictive, leaving the almond a cozy blend of balsamic and slightly spicy notes: At others, the fresh notes seemed somewhat too metallic and sour, too resistant to the amaretto suaveness.

It wouldn't be wrong to call it the masculine counterpart of La Petite Robe Noire: The spirit was young and contemporary, at once sparkling and delicious, commissioned by the marketing department to perform well on a large, varied and competitive international market.

Jacques Guerlain would rarely use balsamic ingredients as anything but a background accord, but Morocco-based Serge Lutens has made them fashionable to wear in and by themselves. Thank God for Jicky!

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We assume that Thierry Wasser wanted to be on the safe side of the gourmand margin for this major launch. For years film critics debated the symbolism of the mixed film stocks, but Lelouch acknowledged that the primary reason was that he was running out of money, and black and white stock was cheaper.

The ideal man is a myth, Guerlain joked, but his qualities — smart, handsome, strong — can be distilled into a fragrance: