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You do not have to go for fingerprinting at the local police department. Get this, they're even open on Saturdays 10am to 2pm!

Obtaining Police Clearances - countries A to F

For the military records you should be able to get a "record of postings" that shows your rank, when and where you were posted. You can get the certificate on the same day.

It takes about 30 days for the result. A check-based, rather than fingerprint-based certificate is available at the following office: Your name, address, birth date. The same process applies in Ottawa as for the rest of the country. They also require two pieces of identification my drivers license and medicare card was fine.

There is a charge for the prints and the results can take five days to over five weeks to be returned to the applicant.

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There is not cost involved. I tried to provide all the details for everybody's knowledge. Local Police clearances are not acceptable - you have to obtain it from the Federal Alltagsflirt mission mann It's a sheet that lists all of the info from the time you entered the military until the time you left and your status upon leaving.

This check will take from ten minutes to 24 hours. The process takes about 20 minutes, and they give you two originals of your certificate.

Where do you go? Complete Form and post to: It covers the whole country, so there is no need to obtain various certificates from the different Canadian cities bewijs goed gedrag en zeden online dating might have lived in.

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It is VERY important that you state clearly to the clerk that the certificate is for Visa purposes, because it will differ from the "regular" certificate that you need for jobs, for instance. You don't have to pay any fees to get the certificate. If you have used more than one name, i. The address for this is: They'll send two copies of your hopefully empty "blanco" penal record.

Processing time of weeks. You get a receipt and are told to come back any time the following day to pick up the results. I think there has been some confusion about this as the RCMP lists several divisions in the Ottawa directory, among these the "Civil Fingerprint Screening Services" for "visas-passports-permits".

This was my experience in Montreal, though I'm sure the process is similar elsewhere in Canada. You will have to get it signed by the Delegado "sheriff" at the place, and then you'll have to get his signature notarized "reconhecer firma".

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I'm pretty sure that's the cost for all services, but I don't remember for sure. From a newsgroup regular: Since you need the signature of a "delegado", I don't think you can use the "express" offices in Brazil that give documents faster.

Belgium You have to go the local police station of the place where you last resided for more than 6 months and ask for a "proof of good behaviour and morals" "Bewijs van goed gedrag en zeden".

You can call DND and ask them for a copy of your records for immigration purposes. The following services are available: You ought to be able to obtain this on a walk-in basis from the RCMP Detachment nearest your place of residence and there is no charge for it.

Not sure if they take credit cards either. The web site of the Canadian Criminal Records Information Services gives all the information you need: Secondly you have to send a letter to the Department of Justice asking for two excerpts from the penal records "Uittreksel van het Strafregister".

They also take your photo with a digital camera. In addition, they colour I'm not american yet so it's still coloUr to me!

Countries A to F

You only do this if and when the RCMP requests that you do. It is basically a computer record check and does not require fingerprinting. I took the consulate letter with me the one addressed to the Police, explaining why you need the certificatebut it wasn't needed.

The name and signature of the issuing officer. If you've been out of the armed forces for more than three years, you'll have to contact the National Archives of Canada in Ottawa for your records.

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Apparently they used to do these certificates there, but they have since rented out an office in a building about 2 minutes away from the main RCMP office. Once at the office you feel out a one page form with general information about yourself.

Brazil From a newsgroup regular: Normally the RCMP will only use the name you supply. The next day I picked up the half-page sized yellow sheet that contains: