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Best flirting questions to ask a girl, leave a reply

Top 21 Questions to Ask a Girl - You'll Not Want to Miss #3

Has another man every asked you to marry him? Tell me a secret fantasy…. Have you ever sent or nudes to someone? Speaking to someone you like might make you feel hesitant and anxious. Have you ever been a part of any sorority or a secret society?

30 Best Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl You Like Over Text

If you could play the role in any movie, what person would you want to be? If you could do anything in the world, what would you do?

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Which social game was your favorite while growing up? Would you call yourself an organized person or are you more messy than organized? Where did you grow up?

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Is there any specific sexual position that you like? How does love and affection play a role in your life?

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My Mom worked part-time, and we had home-cooked meals. Which three things do you think we have in common?

Good Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text - Spark great conversations.

Any questions that you ask may lead to longish answers, especially if the lady in question is confident enough to share, her or opinions with you. This question can spread the story out all night, and probably will include many other topics. I have a cutie called Max. What are your turn offs?

Level 2: talk about her past and her present

But, make sure you have something interesting to share. Do you think you could treat a girl right? Have you ever volunteered for something? Would you watch one with me….

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What do you like more being kissed or being cuddled? Even if I could afford to. And I think I'm too flirtatious with people I'm trying not to flirt with!

Flirting Questions To Ask A Girl You Should Know

If there is a whip cream on your lips, would you like me to take it off? Your heart may be racing a little, those sweaty palms, and flushed cheeks…. Have you ever been a naughty kid? How can I exploit that?

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She will be delighted to see your care and love. Flirting Questions to ask a Guy How do you remember my first impression? What are your feelings about it?

100+ Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl

What do you find most attractive in a man? All this talk of pet names and dirty talk may have things heated up, but opening up about what he would consider a perfect relationship might let your man know you truly mean business with him.

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If you would have to make out with same sex, who would you choose? What is your idea of an amazing date? So, do U see Urself getting married in the next few years? What was your favorite childhood toy?