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Spanish Empire Map by Transamundo. The new South American union had revealed its fragility and appeared to be on the verge of collapse. After an assassination attempt in Jamaica, [20] he fled to Haitiwhere he was granted protection.

Its sovereign decrees will determine our lives, the happiness of the Republic, and the glory of Colombia. I have served you for twenty years as batallas de simon bolivar yahoo dating and leader.

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These caudillos maintained their control primarily on the basis of their personalities, as well as skewed interpretations of their popularity and what constituted a majority among the masses.

And the last of the Batallas de simon bolivar yahoo dating troops were defeated on December 9th, at the Battle of Ayacuchofinishing a brilliant campaign to free all the upper portion of South America.

In he returns to Venezuela to manage some family business while joining the revolutionary cause. He dreamed of a united Spanish America and in the pursuit of that purpose he not only created Gran Colombia but also the Confederation of the Andes whose aim was to unite the aforementioned with Peru and Bolivia.

Santander had recruited peasants from the grasslands of the east part of Colombia, as soldiers and between him and Bolivar created an army of guerrillas.

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The constitutional congress convened on this day is charged by Providence with the task of giving the nation the institutions she desires, following the course of circumstances and the nature of things. Simon Bolivar starts his military campaigns After a series of failed karrueche tran and chris brown dating since april, Bolivar begun thinking about how to accomplish independence in a permanent way.

The same persons who aspire to the supreme command have conspired to tear your hearts from me, attributing to me their own motives, making me seem to be the instigator of projects they themselves have conceived, representing me, finally, as aspiring to a crown which they themselves have offered on more than one occasion and which I have rejected with the indignation of the fiercest republican.

However Bolivar and Santander played one of their most famous feats, the Paso de los Andes, going through the Andes mountainsa deed deemed impossible at the time. He set the date of the constituent congress, 2 Januaryas the day he would surrender power.

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Ininternal divisions sparked dissent throughout the nation, and regional uprisings erupted in Venezuela. They also had some help from the British Legions who sent troops to their aid, battling against the Spanish. At age 15 he was sent to MadridSpain to continue his studies. Sucre destroyed the still numerically superior remnants of the Spanish forces at Ayacucho on 9 December Map of La Gran Colombia.

The independence of Quito came with the Battle of Pichincha on May 24th, If you know any Latin people, they most certainly know who Simon Bolivar is because they were taught about him from day one at school.

During this period several countries in Latin America started declaring their independence, though making it effective was a different matter altogether.

The separatists accused him of betraying republican principles and of wanting to establish a permanent dictatorship.

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I find that fact surprising and intriguing. Eventually it was decided to submit them to martial justice, after which the accused of being directly involved were executed, some without having their guilt fully established.

Museo Nacional de Colombia. Gather around the constitutional congress. Sucre was killed on 4 June The convention almost ended up drafting a document which would have implemented a radically federalist form of government, which would have greatly reduced the powers of a central administration.

Nonetheless, he was unable to control the centrifugal process which pushed outwards all directions. Revolutionary mind He went back to Europe where he continued studying and being exposed to the ideas of the Enlightenment.

The trio met with Francisco de Miranda and persuaded him to return to his native land.

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Son of a wealthy creole People with Spanish parents but born in the Americas family, Bolivar had a happy childhood, going to school in his native Caracas.

Now when you think about the liberation of this five nations, you need to realize that it is a series of battles that were executed in a systematic way, driving the Spanish army away, little by little.

If for this I am held guilty, I deserve your censure more than any man. As for other countries, here we go: He did have dictatorial ambition and he fulfilled it.

Sucre was regarded by some as a political threat because of his popularity after he led a resounding patriot victory at the Battle of Ayacuchoending the war against the Spanish Empire in South America. Painting by Ricardo Acevedo Bernal.

Do not listen, I beg you, to the vile slander and the tawdry envy stirring up discord on all sides. Will you allow yourself to be deceived by the false accusations of my detractors? Two sides form, the Realistas who wanted to be ruled by the King of Spain and the Patriotas who aimed at independence.

Simon Bolivar marries Maria Teresa del Toro. After the facts, Bolivar, who suffering from tuberculosis, continued to govern in a rarefied environment, cornered by fractional disputes, and uprisings occurred in New Granada, Venezuela, and Ecuador during the following two years.

Never, never, I swear to you, has it crossed my mind to aspire to a kingship that my enemies have fabricated in order to ruin me in your regard. It is said that it was actually Francisco de Mirandaanother Venezuelan General, who initially instilled the idea of a free Venezuela in Simon Bolivar.


Perhaps knowing a bit about Simon Bolivar The Liberator will help us understand who is this guy that is so famous there are statues of him in Washington D. Gran Colombia was dissolved later that year and was replaced by the republics of Venezuela, New Granada, and Ecuador. Moreover, he promoted a network of treaties keeping the newly liberated South American countries together.

He then swears never to be married again.