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The bedrooms became off limits as well. Franco, Jimboy, Kenzo and Kyle were the top 4 highest pointers and they are saved in the possible eviction. Bailey and Ylona were removed from the roster, making Franco, Jimboy, Kenzo, and Kamille as "finalists.

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They have to fish these items, that were scattered on the garden area, from behind a barricade. Chronology of events[ edit ] You can help by adding to it. The concert was attended by several ex-housemates from the franchise's three editions.

On Day 28, Ryan was evicted from the house after garnering the least number of votes against Kamille, Ylona and Zonia. Come night time, Enchong was instructed to host a fake Big Night event.

With this in mind, Bailey and Ylona were moved to the garden area, where they'll bailey and ylona dating websites living separately from the other housemates. Big Brother gave them a challenge to live without basic necessities at hand.

Enchong Dee was also introduced as a new host; and as one online dating difficult for guys the show's traditions with its hosts, Enchong had to stay inside the house. After packing, they were instructed to stay in the bedroom as the ninjas take away more furniture from the House.

The first one is Enchong Deeentered on Day 37, was tasked to be a toy robot to the housemates. Bailey used the Ligtas app, saving him from the next nomination. They must rally the volleyball times without letting it fall in the water.

Zonia is the leader of the task. If Bailey and Ylona think they deserve to stay, they must press the buzzer; in turn, they must pick two from the "finalists" who should be "evicted", in place of them.

Right afterwards, all the remaining boys along with Barbie were called to the confession room for not wearing their lapel microphones.

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Week 5[ edit ] On Day 30, the housemates were given their fifth weekly task. The number of seconds they stay in the flyboard will be decreased to the rallies needed to win the task.

Week 7[ edit ] On Day 44, Big Brother instructed the housemates to sort their personal stuff and put it in the boxes: Right after, they were given a task to determine the lock combinations of the confession room in order for them to meet the 7th teen housemate, Ailah; [5] [6] though they failed to completely get the exact combinations, they were able to open the door locks thus freeing Ailah from the said room.

On Day 7, the housemates performed their weekly task; they were not successful after three tries. On Day 49, four thrones were placed inside at the four finalists. Week 3[ edit ] On Day Day 15, the second set of nominees were revealed. On Day 21, Ailah was evicted from the house after garnering the least number of votes against Bailey, Ryan, Ylona and Zonia.

The said challenge was won by Kenzo. By Day 50, the finalists exit the House.

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On Day 39, the housemates were given their sixth weekly task. The nominees were given a chance to save themselves in the "Ligtask" Challenge; however, no one win the challenge, therefore all of the nominees were still up for eviction. The first nominees were Barbie, Kamille and Bailey; however, Kamille was removed from the list of nominees after winning the Ligtask Challenge.

Tasks and challenges[ edit ]. They earned 91 seconds overall, decreasing the required rallies to They were grouped into two groups: On Day 14, Barbie was evicted from the house after garnering the least number of votes against Bailey.

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On that night, Bailey was called to the confession room for several violations. On Day 4, the housemates were given their weekly task wherein they had to create a group performance showing their individual talents within 7 minutes and 37 seconds.

On Day 45, both groups were given a buzzer. It was announced that the "Dream Team" won the challenge, thus they are immune from the nominations for next week. Week 4[ edit ] On Day 22, the housemates had their "Positive Nomination" wherein they need to choose which housemate is deserving to stay in the house.

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On the evening of Day 8, the nominees were revealed in the nomination night. Throughout the days, housemates were able to use the other apps on the Big Tablet see table below. However, Big Brother gave Jimboy, Kamille, Zonia, and Ylona a chance to decrease the number of rallies by flying on a flyboard.

On Day 42, Zonia was evicted from the house after garnering the least number of votes against Jimboy and Kamille. On Day 48, Bailey, together with a street child, celebrated his birthday with the housemates. The team also received a hundred thousand pesos which they will give to their chosen charity, the Bantay Bata He was first tasked to pretend as a human-size robot toy.

On Day 3, Bailey was punished to become a human speaker box and to remain as is until Big Brother had told him otherwise. Kenzo was the last evictee of this batch, garnering Each of the 7 numbers must trend on Twitter for them to win the task; however, each group must still outperform one another in order wherein the winning group will win immunity for the next week's nomination.

It was announced that eviction will take place on Day At the end of the process, Franco, Kenzo, Kamille, and Ylona were up for eviction, but Kenzo won the Ligtask challenge, leaving Franco, Kamille, and Ylona to face the public vote.