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B2st junhyung and goo hara dating service, kara's goo hara and b2st's jun hyung are dating!

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What does everyone think? There washer and dryer hookups cost very little protest with few to none hate messages on Hara and Junhyung alike we all know the fan boys can be just as scary as those fan girls when it comes to a pretty girl like Hara.

However, I was reasonable and realistic enough to realize that Jonghyun is his own person and can date whoever he wants. Idols dating - my how the times have changed!

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It was reported that when Goo Hara was going through some tough times, Jun Hyung consoled her. We often hear stories of idols being forbidden by their companies from having relationships lest they upset and lose fans. If no one had known, the two could have ended things quietly.

It was reported that they were holding hands openly and that when in the car, Goo Hara even rolled down the window and stuck her head out.

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The reaction from the fans was a resounding sigh of relief and happiness. Once news broke that the two were dating, fans shunned Jonghyun for weeks and attacked Se Kyung as if she had done something horribly wrong. As we can see the couple didn't attempt to hide their identities as they walked openly without the usual baseball cap and sunglasses.

Fortunately for Goo Hara, she doesn't seem to be getting as much grief. A bold move on the young couples part, since fans have been known to take news of idols dating quite harsh in the past.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I thank Junhyung and Goo Hara for being brave enough to admit their feelings and be willing to face the storm to pave the way for change. Well not entirely, but my how times have changed, especially about idols dating idols.

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Immediately fans from both sides swarmed forums and Kpop news outlets lamenting the too quick end of the couple. Fans were so outraged at the news that Shin Se Kyung had 4 separate sites dedicated to hating her the next day.

However, the majority of the fans gave their full approval and support.

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Either way, single idols are easier to market and sell. I was appalled when I first heard of the reactions of these fans. Is there really a change? And they lived happily ever after.

The two were spotted on a casual date, quite easily actually as Goo Hara and Jun Hyung weren't being very secretive. This means the crazy fangirls can sigh after their idol boys, writing love notes and doing other bizarre acts to show off their devotion, and the crazy fanboys can write fanfics and other imaginary items to satisfy their fantasies.

It is indeed a refreshing change.


For the first time, instead of denying the existence of such a relationship, companies are attempting to convince fans to still support the couple. This is what should be happening more often and is the mature reaction of a fan.

From one idol to another, there are a lot of the same pressures and problems, so its understandable for her to confide in another idol.

This incident opened the door to a once forbidden taboo, allowing idols to date more freely though many still choose to keep their relationships under wraps. Fortunately, the steam died down and they were left alone, only to find out that they broke up recently due to different schedules.

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So how was this new couple born? Nevertheless, the backlash is often crippling and very hurtful to both parties involved. Should more idols be open about their relationships or is ignorance bliss? Junhyung himself also released a statement confirming that the couple are still happily together, although they have not had much time to spend together.

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