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It's not safe to walk in the streets at night in Bangalore. Nobody idolizes you lowly insecure, self-depreciating, self-loathing, mustachioed, hairy flab-bodied, stick-man, trash-burning, IT, wannabe, molesting, snot spitting, pug faced, philosophizing, pontificating bastards of the former British empire.

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Enjoy life in bangalore Just dont mess around with the locals josephine on Oct 30, Know your destination and insist upon it. This is a busy but fast moving route between the two cities. This is a very effective technique to deal with them. He was not moving from that place.

Like everything else in India, rates are very fluid. You go to Thailand and have sex with whores, you whore yourselves out to dating an ex seminarians white man and every western indulgence.

Molestation of women is increasing rapidly in Bangalore. Instead, the cars are marked with the auto rickshaw charges in bangalore dating of the fleet operator or taxi company on the sides of the car.

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Ram, this city is turning bad. Apart from Bangalore City Jn, there are also other railway stations in Bangalore like Whitefield,Cantonment etc from where you can get a train to Mysore.

We can't change this instantly but whatever, we have we can adjust. But traveling on them can be very difficult if you don't know the system well.

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I never felt any auto rickshaw charges in bangalore dating apart from languages and food. Major buses in the city have the seats reserved for ladies in the front, between the front and middle doors. You should reach Mysore city in about 3 hours from Bangalore.

They had ruled our country because of divide and rule policy if you have forgotten that. After he is told me to remove his cheddy i removed his long chaddi.

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Taxis generally have yellow license plates with black letters. Its near Kasturi Nagar metro station at 7pm in the evening. Checkout the all new mGaadi app with improved experience.

As of Julythere are two lines intersecting at Kempegowda Bus Station Majestic Terminalwith a total of 41 stops. Neverthelessit is possible to hire them for Mysoresay from Bangalore airport.

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Its simply no safe, I've lived in India all my life, police don't file FIR on gangsters, too much corruption, all the reports are a lie, the number are false, sexual assaults and gangs are too big a problem to deal with, as minsters children are "DONS", the only good things is no guns, but people are unpleasant, they're rude, this is the truth, believe it or not If you come across any 5 star driver, let us know!

Pls so what should i do?

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He was about to hit me, for just politely requesting him to drop me a few meters away. Okay, BTW, don't trust the most conniving autowallahs. For us India is one nation and sorry to say, we are more patriotic guys.

The South Indian states are developed and these maadarchhods come here and spoil it.

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Bangalore is no longer a safe city for women, considering what happened on New Year's Eve. Yesrterday,2 people came in bike and started beating my friend and then they took mobile and wallet. They are a future for themselves, held back in bondage and slavery by their own families, the older women holding the younger women down for the lowly boys to rub against and then giggle to their boyfriends as they ride around on scooters hugging each other crotch to ass.

So,Please dont go alone anywhere,always go with 2 or more people Prakash on Sep 02, You are an uneducated cunt. If you want something even more special, such as a fancy car or SUV, be prepared to pay extra.

Alongside their cab offerings, both Ola and TaxiForSure are now offering auto-rickshaws on call.

A report even suggests that the company is offering auto rickshaw drivers "quick training on etiquettes. LocalAlerts is available now on iOS. Why Bangalore, just like every metro city in india it is just a land first, you are right thieves and rowdys are only in bangalore and localnon-local feeling is no where else in india am i right.

Marthas Hospital, many of you perhaps wont believe me, just because you haven't seen or witnessed what I'm going to say. Quite neatly organised and is easily navigable. Ladies - please be careful at night and avoid transport after dark alone!!!

First, Let me tell you my background,my father was in Army and my brother is also in Army and they choose this profession out of choice. Unlucky for me, an auto driver slammed the door which broke one of his parking lights and there we few dents too. They know where I work. I am totally scared oh something happened to me.

The main railway station Bangalore City Junction is located in the city centre. Anonymous on Mar 23, That's a huge convenience against the bus station located in the city outskirts, in Bangalore from where buses to Mysore operate.

Displaying 1 to 9 of 9 comments. Mall hopping and watching porn may be better than inflicting crime and torture against oppressed people. The approximate traveling time is 3 hours, from Majestic in Bangalore to Mysore city.

A transgender woman asked for money He is just asking something no relate the matter. It seems that we are still in colonial periods, where Britishers used to do same thing with Indian.

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I came to Bangalore in the year and had really good impression. Bangalore to Mysore Bengaluru Bangalore is a major gateway city to Mysore.

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Having an approximate idea of the fare or distance beforehand and persistent bargaining skills can lead to significant savings. If you have to then get a pre booked taxi from the hotel or I think an uber would be safer.

The police are absolutely useless in Bangalore. Has stations for both lines of the metro. They always go by meter and do not refuse any destination.