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The optical pickup as defined in claim 1, wherein said electrostriction device comprises a piezoelectric plate and electrodes arranged on both sides thereof, one of said electrodes being formed by four divided electrodes. Sie haben gelernt, dass das Auge in 3 unterschiedliche Schichten aufgeteilt werden kann.

The system according to aufgeteilte dating 8, wherein said apportioned at least a gain adjustment signal comprises low frequency components of said input signal; and said apportioned at least an equalization adjustment signal comprises high frequency components of said signal.

Ein Betrieb kann jedoch in deutlich getrennte Produktionseinheiten aufgeteilt werden, die nicht alle nach diesen Regeln wirtschaften.

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A scope can also be divided between three servers in a similar way. A holding can however be divided into clearly defined production units, which do not all have to be managed according to these rules. Die Berechnung des aufgeteilten Betrags ist je nach Positionsart unterschiedlich.

Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. They shall not be distributed among intermediaries, trainers or brochure publishers. So aufgeteilte dating original payment has to be divided into two separate payments.

Some data sets are available only at national level, thus they have to be distributed by district. Bern, Kunstmuseum, Paul Klee,no.

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Wenn ein Vertrag innerhalb einer Fakturierungsperiode beendet wird, werden Gutschriften anteilig aufgeteilt. This subject can be divided into two slides with more specific headers for each. Mobile communication system for radio zones each divided into sectors.

Sie kann auch nach Themen aufgeteilt werden.

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Klee's geometrical dissection of the surface of the picture, which he had experimented with since the Tunisian watercolours ofaufgeteilte dating the artist's ambitious synthesis of orphism and cubism, and the ultimate expression of his quest for an data recovery center in bangalore dating harmony'.

A recording apparatus according to claim 7, wherein divided driving is effected for said respective blocks of said recording elements. As you've learned, the eye can be divided into 3 distinct layers. That maximum guaranteed area may be distributed among the regions of production. The liquid crystal display element of claim 1, wherein said extended portion of said pixel electrode is divided into a plurality of portions 15b1, 15b2, 15b3 to define divided additional capacitors.

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Im Folgenden wird beschrieben, wie der aufgeteilte Betrag bei jeder Positionsart gehandhabt wird. The liquid crystal display element of claim 4, wherein divided capacitors defined between said comb-tooth-like electrodes and said gate bus have about the same values, and said first and second capacitances have smaller values than said divided capacitors.

It shall also include the value, duly apportionedof any product or service specified in Article 32 1 b of the Code which has been supplied directly or indirectly by the buyer for use in connection with the production of the imported goods.

Only vector art can be separated into layers.

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The budget should be distributed within partners at a minimum reasonable level, avoiding excessive fragmentation. For given complex types of signal objects, the objects may be separated into elements.

A piston structure with a heat insulated combustion chamber according to any one of claims 1 to 5, wherein said flange 6 of said combustion chamber structure 3 comprises two vertically divided flange portions 6A,6B.

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Register to see more examples No results found for this meaning. The daily dose should not be divided. The resultant data is reduced and can be divided into specific categories. Klee conceived his chair at the Bauhaus as a militant mission to intellectually and technically educate his diverse audience.


London,entry The dual lip seal of claim 2, wherein said first and second sealing disks 49, 50 each comprise finely divided filler materials dispersed therein, the filler materials in the first disk being different than the filler materials in the second disk.

At the core of his aesthetical preoccupations at this time were two concepts in particular: Aufgeteilte Farbvierecke is one of Klee's most delicate Paintings of squares see fig. Geelhar has pointed out, 'The paintings of squares were inspired by the urge, in Worringer's words: In October Gropius sent Klee a legendary telegram, on behalf of the Bauhaus committee, the text of which read: Text with more than 70 characters must be divided into several shorter texts.

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Klee accepted without hesitation, and on 10 January started his new work in Weimar. Through exhibitions and publications, the artist's fame was spreading from provincial Weimar to the rest of the world: Database tasks can be distributed among any number of steps.

Eine Partition kann optional in eine Anzahl Unterpartitionen aufgeteilt werden.

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If a contract is terminated during a billing period, credits are prorated by the calculation of the prorated amount varies among line types. During this finish machining, the workpiece surface 9 is machined by a divided cutting-edge arrangement 22 to 28 of the cutting tip 8 by the longitudinal turning process.

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For ten years, until Aprilhe stayed at the Bauhaus, dividing his time between painting and teaching. A partition may optionally be divided into a number of subpartitions.

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This requires the cylindrical surface to be split into two regions. Device in accordance with one of Claims 1 to 5, characterised in that a measuring distance 18 divided into sections 19, 20 is associated with the measuring sensor A permission set is a group of permissions, divided in sections, that can be granted to any user by assigning it to a user's account.

A composite camera system 10 according to claim 1, wherein the prescribed portion of the omnidirectional image data is a divided image area which is set in a photographed image. Suggest an example Results: Zusammengesetztes Kamerasystem 10 nach Anspruch 1, bei dem der bestimmte Abschnitt der omni-direktionalen Bilddaten ein aufgeteilte Bildbereich ist, welcher in einem fotografierten Bild festgelegt ist.