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So, causality is the spiritual analog of time. In the spiritual world, the structure and form of an object appears to play a similar moje jagodowe noce online dating. Time is what makes material processes to follow one after another; however, spiritual processes, such as developing new ideas, has also a property that makes them follow one after another: Some theories in quantum physics suppose the existence of additional self-locked dimensions at sub-atomic scale to explain some phenomena.

Such a field can be characterized by the potential energy at any distinct point. However, due to the complexity of human soul, dissonance interaction is always present too and makes people experience negative feelings to one another. It's well known that this law does not work in cases when a material system receives energy from outside; this is a neg-entropic process.

Similarly, we can suppose the existence of some kind of a spiritual 'human dimension', which is also self-locked inside the human soul and which forms the so-called internal world. This blue silhouette is the first new feature of footballdatabase.

Due to the inseparability of the material and the spiritual, any object has both the material and the spiritual characteristics.

Generally, any process of introducing some order into a previously chaotic environment is neg-entropic. Thus, a group that feels being hated by others can be held together even by a weak resonance within this group.

On the other hand, a really existing object and just information on how to create it are practically the same for the spiritual world, but not so for the material.

In most cases, a conscious action is a gradual process with control of intermediate results. One of the spiritual forces can be observed in the process of evolution. However, this could be a yet undiscovered material field as well, because the effects andrey sklyarov dating questionnaire spiritual fields are not limited by the material distance.

They don't claim to be Satanists, but they reinvent the Satanic phylosophy by themselves and, which is way more important, the things they are doing in their life make so much benefit for Satanism as hardly anyone of us could do.

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The pyramid consists of many layers of elements linked with various horizontal and vertical connections.

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We don't have a similar nice formula for structure and information yet, but it's obvious that the more complicated is the structure of a system, the more information it contains.

Moreover, in order to explain the nature and genesis of space, astrophysics and cosmology also operate with hypotheses that depart far from the pure materialism: And you can also resume when you want by clicking on the small blue silhouette at the top right of your screen.

The information theory also uses the concept of entropy and postulates that entropy decreases when the system receives information. This all means that modern science is not materialistic anymore; it has now to deal with phenomena and concepts that contain a significant spiritual component and cannot be reduced to pure matter.

Emotions can be viewed as resonance processes in human soul initiated by an external influence. Therefore, it's better to name this kind of spiritual force as resonance interaction.

This means that motivation is a kind of spiritual force generated in the resonance interaction of several spiritual objects: Andrey Sklyarov - photo from his site: Most often we observe this interaction in relationships between people; they love or hate each other according to similarities or dissimilarities in their characters, tastes, etc.

By now it's only possible to conclude that some spiritual objects tend to interact with each other more than other ones, and, therefore, can be considered as located in the spiritual space closer or more distantly. An image of the present situation is attracted to some of the blocks with the resonance spiritual interaction, and this defines, which block will work in this case.

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In addition, although Materialism treats information as a material phenomenon, it is not such in strict sense, since the law of conservation does not apply on information unlike matter or energy.

However, finding a spiritual analog of space is not an easy task. For example, things with the same mass and size but of different shape and structure behave similarly in material processes but differently in spiritual ones. This is similar to energy processing in material phenomena.

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We need to go this way further. I hope that his books will be translated into English some day. The history of human society is a similar process. Finally, you can stop the visit at any time by clicking the I got it button.

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The material ones are mass, size, density, state of matter etc. Since human soul is the most complicated spiritual object that we know, it must be a powerful source of spiritual fields, the structural and the resonance one.

This model reflects some known properties of human soul: By clicking on it you will have access to your entire personal menu. It is also by clicking on it that you will be able to create an account, sign in or sign out, manage your entire account, your preferences and your interactions with the administration of the site.

Relationships between people and their ability to form groups can be viewed as resonance interaction between their souls. Not all the elements are interconnected; the pyramid looks rather like a set of blocks consisting of tightly connected elements each, while connections between different blocks are relatively sparse.

In classical mechanics, the main parameter that determines the properties of a material object is its mass. For example, material elementary particles are already spiritual objects to a significant extent.

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This also means that no clear boundary can be drawn between the material and the spiritual. Despite the fact that our language denotes emotions with a limited set of words, they form a continuous spectrum without distinct borders between different types of emotions. He notices that the advances of science in studying the material world have led it to the necessity to develop some concepts that are not purely materialistic: