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She may secretly be in a relationship but our pretty actress has never introduced her prince charming to the public.

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Rich Wyatt was convicted of multiple felony crimes in for dealing in firearms while not holding a Federal Firearms License, and for his years of evasion of corporate and personal income taxes. They would also touch on Kurt's shooting excellence and Rich's wish for him to take over the family business one day.

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Prior to her appearance on American Guns, Wyatt banked as a minor actress in Hollywood. Paige would not take part in the main production of firearms but would be the main person for sales or interacting with third party workers like cobblers or custom painters.

Because she is good at what she does, she takes home a handsome amount of money as salary. The network, which is distributed to But I'm travel hookups going to school just in case!

The targets would often be rigged with explosives resulting in huge blasts when the guests fire at the last target. He did this by challenging the collector to shooting completions or selling rare collectors guns or other memorabilia including bars of silver. Nine days later IRS Internal Revenue Service agents raided Gunsmoke Guns on Friday March 8, to execute a court-ordered search warrant see copy[17] as part of an ongoing financial investigation for tax evasion.

Kurt Wyatt[ edit ] Kurt trained as a firearms instructor with a view to joining his step-father's enterprise. What do your girl friends think about you being on TV?

Paige Wyatt of American Guns TV Answers AmmoLand Reader Questions

After American Guns[ edit ] Following the December 14,massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in NewtownConnecticutthe Discovery Channel announced that the American Guns show had been cancelled and there would not be a third season, despite the show's 50 percent ratings increase from its dating violence texas penal code one debut to its season two launch.

Two years later, on Tuesday March 31,ATF Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents raided the same gun shop under a sealed warrant, [18] and the store was shut down.

Right now I just got accepted into a college here in Denver, I'm going to move out and take some classes to become a teacher, not too many so I can still work at Gunsmoke.

He spent 22 years in law enforcement and claimed he rose to the rank of Chief of Police in Alma, Colorado before retiring.

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Her Net Worth Paige Wyatt is a young and budding star who apparently has a lot to offer to her world, especially up-and-coming youths with big dreams.

He specializes in engraving custom designs onto guns to sell, qualifying as an engraver at age If you know how to properly fire the gun the recoil won't hurt you. Wyatt, 53, was immediately taken into custody pending sentencing set by federal Chief Judge Marcia Krieger for July 19, Brooke was born in and Ginger was born in Further, he attributed a rise in gun sales to the intentions of Obama to implement further gun restrictions during the United States presidential election for The show featured the family interacting with the gunsmith employees, collectors and special guests including The Bachelorette's Jesse Csincsak.

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They would shoot and give brief reviews of guns. She has an impressive number of fans on the social media platform where they regularly upload a number of her vine videos. The biggest caliber I've shot so far is a.

Paige Wyatt – “American Guns” Photoshoot by Terry Gardner

She is dearly loved by her stepfather, who she shares a very strong bond with. Plus I'm always up for a challenge! In addition to acting and handling guns, Paige is very active on Vine, an entertainment network where internet personalities make and share their videos.

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She has a brother named Kurt Wyatt, who works as an engraver, firearms instructor, and sales associate at the Gunsmoke Gun store. Pretty Paige also owns a line of clothing through a company called Hughwear. His career then led him to the Fire service before he went on to become a firearms instructor, building up his own gun business from the s.

For more information, please visit www. Right now I do, that will change once I start school.

Paige Wyatt from American Guns (pics)

They think it's fun, and cool. Are you afraid to shoot big guns and what is the biggest caliber you have shot? The Wyatts also have two young daughters of their own.

As of Novemberthey had over 7, subscribers. About Discovery Channel Discovery Channel is dedicated to creating the highest quality non-fiction content that informs and entertains its consumers about the world in all its wonder, diversity and amazement.

Today, her dreams of walking the runway and starring in movies have been accomplished, as she is a popular face on TV and the runway. His first engraving was a custom-built Henry '66 replica lever action rifle.

Zach Woods Girlfriend, Gay, Height, Net Worth, Dating, Wife, Biography The Wyatts were enjoying their flourishing family business until February 11,when Rich was arrested on charges of tax fraud and illegal dealing of firearms without a license.

I'm also getting involved in modeling and more of the entertainment business, I would love to peruse that career and work at becoming a professional model or maybe do some other things in that industry. Her stepfather Rich Wyatt is a prominent gunsmith and the owner of Gunsmoke Gun store who buys and sells guns to hunting rifles.

Her Family She was raised in a family where everyone was into gun business.

Paige Wyatt (American Guns)(Pics)(Jail bait)

Growing up, she had a strong passion for modelling and acting. In her short span of a career, she has made a positive impact in the entertainment industry, including inspiring a lot of rising actors and actresses.

Often the entire family would participate in the guns' modification or construction though Renee would usually not play a large role. Paige is pretty hot!

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Wyatt was also a firearm instructor at his company while his wife Renee Wyatt worked in the same company as the business manager. Image Source Renee has graced multiple magazine articles.