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We also have the need as professionals to improve our efforts to work collaboratively with children towards improving the improvement of school failure and equity.

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As well as creating for dissemination, through resources and initiatives surgan experiences both at the beginning, in the process and the end. Using new methodologies for achieving these objective. Our culture and customs, and the weather are very different but as Spanish citizens belong to Europe, although we have many points in common as a Spanish Peninsular.

Because we are all part of this spirit and our teachers through their students will have a big multiplier effect exponential level to convey to the whole neighborhood and the city, because we will carry it out with all the members of our educational community.

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Our main objective is to fight against school failure and give equal opportunities to all our kids as we are in a neighborhood where opportunities are scarce for them. On the other hand, our territory is located on the coast of the African, so many of our students are completely unaware of what it means Europe and the European Union, including ourselves, we are cut off from Europe.

Because one can do little but only if we're in a great chain uniting we can move the entire neighborhood to a better atmosphere and progress of joy and future. One of the long-term goals is to instill this bug in the teachers and students to get underway in the next phase program "job shadowing" in centers of Europe, as well as sharing with other centers here welcoming them to return part what we have learned and evolved to poderles encouraged to participate in activities of all kinds; in a more advanced stage of planning is to be able to perform mobility of students in small groups to other areas of Europe to able to teach in practice all they are capable of, what good things and not so good conduct and exchange experiences, culture and language with other countries and people of similar ages.

Abriendo puertas y ventanas Start date: To do three teachers will travel to three different courses that deal with the issues that we expose, in Italy and Portugal. All this, as centers we will be a center where the staff know and share this initiative to improve and progress, and our students and families will be made aware of the potential we have and improvements we've had, and to participate with other members of our community more fully and broadly, as we will be richer and experts on issues we are today apprentices.