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Hence, it becomes very important to effectively diagnose the failure of sensors. As for HRD computation of overall multifunctional self-validating sensor, the health evaluation assignment is implemented at single time point.

Aiming at the present application of fault simulation technology based on virtual prototype, virtual prototype technology and fault injection technology were studied and analyzed, and the fault injection technology was improved.

The hydrogen concentration is still ppm and the outputs of multifunctional self-validating sensor are shown in Fig.

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When the BRD is the value 0, the current state is completely not at its corresponding degradation stage. Deciding weights by using information entropy: A new quantitative health evaluation emerges as it can manifest the detailed health level which is emphasized in this study.

The diagnosis of slowly changing faults can be considered to be an open area in controlling complex system of large scale. To avoid further performance degradation of multifunctional sensor, the research on health evaluation is extremely important.

From the above analysis, the four attached parameters are the key to the computation of HRD. More sensitive units may cause more potential faults.

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The effectiveness is proved by method testing on three-tank system. Detailed description of loreal luocolor farbkarte online dating functional models Wang et al.

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Once faults occur, major industrial accidents could happen, so their health evaluation is extremely important. These experimental setups are tested under different environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, power supply.

Integrating the above produces a more refined diagnosis analysis compared to a local decision based on on-site information alone.

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Determining the whitening function of the grey model: This experiment was done in the same gas chamber on the same day and the heating voltage of gas sensitive unit 3 was removed to simulate that the heater strip is broken at the 61th time point.

As one of the most important self-validating functions, the health evaluation is rather meaningful for the following health forecast by using the available HRD. The number of the hidden layer of BPNN has selected as 10 and the Levenberg-Marquardt optimization procedure is selected as the training function because it is the fastest back-propagation algorithm in the toolbox.

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In this way, more detailed health information can be provided by using the proposed HRD, which benefits the understanding for users. In this paper, a theory based on multi-variable information fusion is studied to evaluate the health level of multifunctional sensors.

A few sensitive units are faulty, and their measured data have deviated from their true values, but none have deviated completely.

According to the definition of HRD, the current health state is still in MF which agrees with the experimental situation.

Setup of multifunctional self-validating sensor experimental system Fig. By using historical HRD information, health forecasting for multifunctional self-validating sensors can be done and this will play a more important role in industrial production.

This thesis will emphasize the health evaluation aspect, and the health forecasting will be the topic of our next study.

Validated Uncertainty Evaluation for Self-Validating Sensor

That is because the quantitative health level analysis of multifunctional self-validating sensor involves not only the health level of each sensitive unit itself, but relates to their distinct weight distribution. The HRDs under different health situations is analyzed thoroughly and experimental results conclude that the HRD could be used to indicate the quantitative health level.

This paper describes a strategy for fault diagnosis of mechatronic equipments.

The HRD methodology is emphasized by using multi-variable data fusion technology coupled with a grey comprehensive evaluation method. If faults appear, the incorrect measurements should be replaced with a best evaluating value of true value in order to ensure the normal working of the corresponding systems.

Scilit | Article - Design and technology of the self-validating sensor

In this paper, we extend the traditional qualitative fault detection to quantitative health level evaluation by using multi-variable data fusion coupled with a grey evaluating algorithm [ 1718 ].

The self-validating functions mainly include the Failure Detection, Isolation and Recovery FDIRvalidated uncertainty estimation, validated measurement value status indication, health evaluation and forecast.

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The MF state is nearly a failure, some sensitive components are faulty and their measured data have deviated from their true values, but no deviation completely. There was a fan which assured the uniform distribution of the gas in chamber.

Most of existing automated methods only provide two health states typically, healthy and faulty [ 11 — 13 ], which is essentially a fault diagnosis.