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My heart always be thumphing and flattered whenever i see her. His kkap character makes me fall in love for him. At that time, i see her as an idol.

I think its fine although i only can do that in We Got Elite global dating llc in texas. Being an idol not fun as people imagine.

But, when we started to act like couple, i started to feel something different, that i have never feel before. But, My Agency, Naega Network, doesn't let me to date in the real life.

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I feel really sad when the shows ended. I wish this show will be forever. I have no feelings more that liking her as a superstar. Subscribe and put your comment! Although they were initially only supposed to be featured in the Chuseok special, their appearance brought in the highest ratings yet for Season 2, so they were announced as a permanent couple.

I started to fall in love with Gain noona and i can't help myself. Its kinda embarassing to admit that i was crying when i know that the shows is ended. He recovered quickly after treatment.

He was set to enlist in the Korean Army in Augustfor his mandatory military service.

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Foreword Hello I am mysterious writer! But, the more i try to forget him, the more i miss him and those beautiful memories. The drama is about a talented contract worker, and the work and relationships that surround her.

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I am a fan of 2am and also Gain. Variety entertainment and popularity as Adam Couple[ edit ] Jo has appeared as a regular panel member on variety shows such as Star King.

I feel love in my heart. He became the group's leader.

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Or stays as Friend? The music video became popular. Its been a year we being together in the variety show, 'We Got Married'. Will they date each other for real? When i knew that i'd be paired with Gain noona, I feel so happy.

I love his funny and cute personality. The rumors were refuted by his performance at the top of his class in his major.

Jo-kwon: “I’m really dating Ga-In” | POPSEOUL!

Not just that, not being hypocrite, i also fall for his pretty face. Popular songwriters Esna and Aev produced the title song. He loves me and I love him too. On November 10,Mnet released some b-cut poster image on their upcoming karaoke program, Golden Tambourine [18] which ran from December 15until February 23, The song came first on Cyworld real-time charts the day after release.

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He also replaced Jay Park on historical culture variety show Nodaji. I often sank in thought like this.


But, i am just too shy to spit my feelings out from my mouth. In Mayit was announced that the venture would become a franchise and that Jo would be named its president, while Yoon and others would remain official owners.

It means our 'divorce day' and i can't be close just like in our shows anymore. For me, she is the prettiest girl in this world.

Much love from me!

Jo Kwon alludes to 2AM in prologue for his comeback

I wanna treat her like my princess in everytime i am by her side. Though he is not handsome at all, he is funny, nice, and cute. The cafe-cum-bar was the first of its kind in Seoul and gained popularity amongst K-pop idol singers through word-of-mouth.

I wished i can forget those beautiful memories in We Got Married easily and can ignore what i feel easily. He is my everything I feel like i'm going crazy. Suddenly I got an inspiration to make this story. He treated me so well. We can't be true to ourselves.

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He is just so perfect for me. The program showed the intense physical training that thirteen male trainees go through to acquire the opportunity to debut in either a four-member ballad group or a seven-member dance group. When i have agreed to be a star in We Got Married, i have never thought i'd be like this.

They denied that they are dating, but their heart can't lie that they are really loving each other and ended up falling in love in the real life.

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He is known for his "kkab" dance and often danced on variety shows. The second track It's Okay was written by Ryan S. I knew that Jo Kwon fell the same too. No, i mean, i wish i can be her husband in the real life. I always miss her whenever she is not beside me.

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Or Will they get married for real? After the show is ended, the rumor were keep growing as they were still close and act like they are still a couple. Gain also feel the same to Jo Kwon but she's just to shy to express her love to him. I hope you guys will be please with my story! Jo Kwon never says it up to Gain that he has been falling in love with her.

People thought that JYP has a really strict rule, but they don't.