13 Going On 30 Script - transcript from the screenplay and/or Jennifer Garner movie 13 Going On 30 Script - transcript from the screenplay and/or Jennifer Garner movie

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Okay, I think you're next.

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I want to be popular and pretty. People seem to be running for the exit like someone set off a stink bomb. We don't have to get into this.

I wish you'd told me. You know, what am I? I'll tell you what to do. The circs are in. Matt and I were just talking about him finally joining me in the Windy City. Heartache to heartache, we stand.

And I don't mean that disrespectfully, it's just that I've realized something.

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

We wanna feel something again that we've forgotten. Jenna, you are not yourself at the moment. You might want to keep some of that biting wit for your magazine. I'm sorry, I gotta go.

Oh, my God, no!

13 Going On 30 Script

I think he means the party is a stinker. Dani and her five friends — the Six Chicks, as they were called — were the coolest girls in the school. Oh, can you tell me where I'm going? Or you could change the name to something more appropriate No, I haven't gotten crazy like that about a girl since high school.

And there's your bedroom, with a massive stereo I'll tell him when he gets back. It was nice talking to you. And the thing is Matty, can I have it? What are you, crazy? Okay, don't waste a minute.

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A fluffy pillow, coming right up. I see you guys have spent so much time talking about me. There were nights when she lied awake in bed after saying goodnight to her host parents and dreamt about what it would be like if she quit skating and someday worked for Vogue her favorite fashion magazine instead.

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I don't know, actually. It's not like she needs a play-by-play.

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Can they hang in there till? Yeah, Jenna, you got it all. The new and improved Poise will explore the last frontier. This is a disaster. OK, you can wipe the doe-eyed-Bambi-watching-her-mother-get-shot-and-strapped-to-the-back-of-a-van look from your face.

Hey, where's the conditioner? I'm gonna walk into that office, I won't let anyone know I'm hung-over. Jenna, what do you think?

13 going on 30

And someday I'm gonna be a Six Chick. What happened to us? It's not your fault.

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I have no idea. You know, I can't believe you invited those clones. Come on, let's go. You mean like games and stuff?

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I don't know if I can. You could join me if you want. Tessa watches, longing to be a part of it and wishing she knew how to be beautiful and popular, instead of the scrawny skater girl.

I can't believe you're here. I want to be cool.

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You know, I've seen your magazine. Okay, where do you?

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Oh, I'll be fine, I promise.