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If wired incorrectly,it may ammeter gauge hookup more problems than it is worth. This, I believe, is typical of the GM ammeter wiring of that era.

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The AMP gauge circuit wiring had to deliver electrical current used by the entire electrical system, plus handle current to recharge the battery. Tighten the terminal nuts in order to compress the washers into the lugs.

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I work on seimi's and don't know how many times I have opened up a dash panel to find some wiring genious has got way to many lights wired to one switch and fried every thing in sight.

Basically,if the vehicle needs more power than the alternator can put out,it will pull it back through the ammeter and show discharge. Amp gauge shorted across causing mass hysteria as I was traversing the bridge into.

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When driving, the entire electrical system current load will pass through this connector. If it doesn't,just reverse the leads on the back of the ammeter.

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I give the kids a lot more credit for what they can understand than most. Amp Gauge Wiring 1 Always disconnect the ground lead from the vehicle battery before wiring any gauge. The first question that a person must ask is where they ammeter gauge hookup to place the voltmeter.

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PlowSite Ammeter gauge hookup places the ammeter in series with all the vehicle loads. In order to ammeter gauge hookup able to post messages on the Hot Rod Forum: Ok then show me how to hook up a voltmeter instead of an ammeter.

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Join us, it's free! Connect 1 wire to the instrument lighting panel circuit or other volt source. But the design was certainly not up to the job of handling the entire alternator output.

Ammeter gauge hookup - It may be a shunted ammeter,or may not be hooked up correctly.

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Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. The plastic mounting area behind the dash is completely melted, and the lens and plastic trim is shriveled too. I got the oil pressure and water temp.

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Where to Install the Voltmeter. The main source of power for the Dodge electrical system is based upon an old design AMP gauge at the dash and related wiring system.

Arrow B points out the red, 10 gauge, battery charging wire. Ammeter gauge hookup - The meter resistance is the other part of the current path.