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Dr. John Gray, Author of Men are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

Our Certified Mars Venus Workshop Facilitators and Counselors offer Relationship, Personal Healing, and Parenting Workshops, and Individual Counseling all based on the work featured in Dr. John Gray’s phenomenal best-selling Mars Venus books. Our certified workshop facilitators and professional counselors can be found across the U.S. and around the world!

Today’s relationships require new skills and understanding. Not only are our roles different today, but now they overlap. Even with perfect parents for role models, what our mothers and fathers did just doesn’t work today. Through our programs you can learn these new relationship skills and receive support and guidance along the way. Each of our programs is helpful for both the committed couple and the individual searching for the new tools needed for today’s relationships.

Dr. John Gray, Author of Men are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

Our Workshops are fun, interactive, and male-friendly, and will absolutely help you learn the improved communication skills contained in Dr. Gray’s famous Mars Venus material.

Our Professional Counselors are all state licensed or state certified professional therapists who have a strong commitment to Dr. Gray's work. The Counselors will utilize Dr. Gray’s personal therapeutic tools and processes to assist you in your journey toward healing and growing.

We also invite you to visit and use our free Block Buster Program personally developed by Dr. Gray to help you immediately determine what your personal blocks to success are. The Block Buster Program will also provide you with simple exercises to help you remove your specific blocks and achieve the success you are wanting, in both personal and professional relationships.

Take the next step and begin your journey toward healing, growing, and getting what you want in your relationships by signing up for one (or all!) of the Mars Venus programs with a local Workshop Facilitator or Professional Counselor.

May you always continue to grow in love.

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